Helen Grensinger


About H Grensinger

Gourmet Deliveries

Helen is otherwise known as "H" to most people. She started working as a chef on yachts in 1985.  In 1992, after deciding that the life at sea wasn't for her, she moved ashore as co-owner of the famous "la gaffe" in Antibes!

She then moved on to manage villas and private estates, before joining Gourmet Deliveries in April 2012. Having worked and lived on yachts she has a very good knowledge of life on yachts, your special requirements and need for service. Her knowledge about food is also part of her expertise. 

In her spare time - (which isn't very often due to many demanding chefs!) she enjoys time with her son, her family and friends. She is a very sociable person who is always up for a chat on the quay if you have the time.

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